Security, inseperable, love, always a foreverness
That’s what comes to mind,
That’s what echoes in my heart.
What is this? Sisterhood!
A bond that surpasses even death,
A me and you against the worldness,
Yeah…conversations until dawn about nothing in particular to our futures,
Covering for one another at all costs to “inquiring minds”,
As we try to live life, love life, survive life…
It’s about having fun and freedom,
Always wanting to go-just go, no matter where,
Following and leading in each other’s footsteps in a harmonious equilibrium,
Hard times of fussing with each other,
But ready to kill if someone dared hurt MY SISTER!
Sharing clothes, lessons, music, tears, joys, fears, laughter, pains, struggles, sickness, death, an unspoken language, friendships
The list goes on and on and on,
Me wanting to be like you – you wanting to be like me.
I love you chica – rest in peace.

(C) ElleB629

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