WoW (Words of Wisdom)

WoW (words of wisdom)

There was a woman who married “the love of her life” and she was determined to have a successful marriage with her husband. She pursued her career, embraced motherhood, supported her friends and family as well as showed kindness to strangers. She was the absolute epitome of strength.

Along her journey, life began to throw many obstacles-major obstacles. Her husband was unfaithful, death stole her firstborn and another child was living in the shadows of mischief. If that wasn’t enough, she was almost homeless, her health failed her, and her so called friends were simply not.

The most amazing part of our beloved sister’s story is that through all of her trials and tribulations, she never gave up because she knew God would never leave nor forsake her. Our sister had an enormous heart and gained wisdom through those experiences. Her simple yet profound WoW was “If you just keep living!”

No matter your circumstance beloved, just keep living. You are a divine creation and you have purpose.

Peace & Blessings❤️

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