The Power of Acceptance

Greetings to all of our beautiful sisters around Mother Earth! When you think about the month of May what comes to mind? Do you anticipate and visualize the breathtaking blooms of your favorite flowers, the birds singing in their native lands, the transformation of things that were once dormant?   
Whatever it is – it comes with ease because you accept it. The seasons change and in life we all have seasons. Once we accept the life seasons as freely as we accept winter, fall, spring and summer; we will have elevated and drawn closer to peace. 

At this moment, we welcome you to look at yourself in the mirror and ACCEPT that YOU are enough!  

You are smart enough!

You are strong enough!

You are beautiful enough!

Acceptance of self is a powerful thing!  

May peace, love and blessings be abundant in your queendoms. 

-Verde N

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