Greetings, Salaamaha, Saludos, Groete, Salutacions,अभिवादन, Salutations,ਗ੍ਰੀਟਿੰਗ to our beautiful sisters.  

What are you prepared to do for your well being? You can start with a simple act of forgiving. Forgive yourself for making mistakes in your life. You are not alone and its is a part of our journey here. It is critical that you recognize this and take the lessons from the experiences so that you do not repeat them.

You may believe that you have to suffer or continue to apologize. This does not serve any purpose and actually is detrimental to your well being. Quiet any negative thoughts and visualize yourself as the gatekeeper of your inner sacred space.

Anything that does not fit the keyhole (e.g. energy thief, abrasive, harmful) -direct it to the exit. 

Free yourself and greater things will follow. You will see and appreciate the miracles in your life.

Peace, Love and Light,


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