Stress free

Beautiful Sisters near and far we greet you with an abundance of hope and love.

“Stress free living” may seem like an oxymoron to some of us and utopia to others. Peace of mind takes practice and we can begin by making a decision to out our wellness first.

Next, take the time to Identify your stressors-call them by name to put them in their proper place!

There are some that are common according to J. Kaartoluoma

1. Time – it stops for no one and does not define you or your abilities! Be present and do your best.

2. Other People’s Opinions – this is beyond your control. Some will like you and some won’t.

3. Being Successful- shine your own light and stop comparing yourself to others. Do what you love and find joy in each moment of your journey.

4. Age – using this as a measure of where you should be at this time in your life is not the golden rule! Find freedom and peace in your authenticity and own path because our eternal part is ageless.

5. What Is- “when argue with reality, I lose only 100% of the time”- Bryan Katie. Don’t fight the present moment- experience it, learn from it, grow.

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