Remember Your “Why”

“Wellness Can’t Wait” is our new mantra and we hope it’s yours too. Physical health is one of the components of overall wellness and we all have to move – there is no short cut or cheat sheet! Knowing your “why” of this part of the journey is a must because your motivation will fail sometimes. Keep pushing, keep believing and never give up.
• Don’t overdo it right away. Start with low intensity workouts and build from there.
• Start with what works best for you and be consistent
• Include cardio, flexibility and resistance training
• Make sure you have rest days
• Always warm-up and cool down to prevent injuries
• Stretch!
• Pay attention to your form and don’t rush
• Forget the no pain no gain approach – don’t break it, build it!
• Grab a workout buddy and encourage each other to never give up.
• Set your goals and celebrate your victories.
Remember your why
Peace & blessings
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