About Us


Sisters Speaking Serenity is founded on the belief that our societies can can be free of domestic violence and breaking the cycle is possible.


To provide a forum for victims and survivors of domestic violence to bond, heal, and be empowered through artistic expression.  Sisterhood is a very special bond  shared between two or more ladies that in its truest form is unbreakable.  Sisters are not always related by DNA but by circumstances.  If you have experienced the pain of domestic violence directly or indirectly, we encourage you to share your voice.



  • To raise domestic violence awareness and understanding through the arts and dialogue 
  • Educate victims and the community to facilitate the demise of the domestic violence cycle.
  • To engage and empower  victims, survivors and advocates in speaking out and utilizing art to connect and collaborate with one another.
  • To increase community engagement, preparedness, and ability to respond to and break the cycles of domestic violence.