Watered to Wellness

Wellness is not a trend trolly that you hop on and off – it’s a lifestyle. Did you know that each time you eat or drink you are either feeding a dis-ease for fighting it?
Let’s start with the basics of drinking water. Yes, it can be boring especially if you’re used to flavor and sugar.
Tidbit: Try lemon water!
It promotes hydration. …
It’s a good source of vitamin C. …
It supports weight loss. …
It improves your skin quality. …
It aids digestion. …
It freshens breath. …
It helps prevent kidney stones.
(Resource: Healthline)


WCW -Set Goals

WOOP to Wellness

Wellness can’t wait. You have everything that you need to start and succeed on this journey. Everyday presents the opportunity for you to choose. Exercise is a part of wellness and the choice to actually DO it is a win.
Need some help with a strategy? WOOP it up with us!
Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan (WOOP) is a science-based mental strategy that you can use to find and fulfill your wishes, set preferences, and change habits.
Peace, Luv, & Light

Remember Your “Why”

“Wellness Can’t Wait” is our new mantra and we hope it’s yours too. Physical health is one of the components of overall wellness and we all have to move – there is no short cut or cheat sheet! Knowing your “why” of this part of the journey is a must because your motivation will fail sometimes. Keep pushing, keep believing and never give up.
• Don’t overdo it right away. Start with low intensity workouts and build from there.
• Start with what works best for you and be consistent
• Include cardio, flexibility and resistance training
• Make sure you have rest days
• Always warm-up and cool down to prevent injuries
• Stretch!
• Pay attention to your form and don’t rush
• Forget the no pain no gain approach – don’t break it, build it!
• Grab a workout buddy and encourage each other to never give up.
• Set your goals and celebrate your victories.
Remember your why
Peace & blessings

Wellness Can’t Wait

Did you know that we have been inundated with a live to eat mentality? Let’s flip it and eat to live. It’s challenging if you’e used to eating processed foods with high amounts of fats, sugars and salt. Once you detox your body and eat clean you ‘ll feel the difference.  Are you up for the challenge?  YES you are and YES you can honor your body with the goodness nature has given us.
Tidbits: Add these to the grocery list
Fruits and vegetables
Whole grains
Beans and legumes
Nuts and seeds
Fish (preferably oily fish with omega-3 fatty acids)
Skinless poultry and lean animal proteins
Plant-based proteins
Peace & blessings8

The Gift of Being Present

Wellness Can’t Wait! We are so glad you are here in this space, place and time with us. There will never be another moment like this so savor it. We spend so much time looking at our past for a number of reasons (e.g. the good, the bad and the ugly). We also try to live in the future by planning, navigating and developing backup plans etc. Why? One thing that is certain is there is no time like the present. Stop and fully enjoy your gift of this moment.
Peace, love. and light!

Peace of Mind

Wooosahhhh! Serenity now! Calming your mind is an awesome weapon against stressors and other challenges. We can’t think clearly when there is no balance. When we do have it – we’ll be able to respond instead of reacting.
So we encourage you to take a mental vacay. Relax, release and reset.
Be well.

Challenges and Building Blocks

All of us have encountered obstacles and had to make a decision. Am I going to let this thing get the best of me or am I going to armor up and fight? We survive, we endure and we rise again. All of our survival battles are uniquely ours. There’s no need to compare yours to anyone else’s because you were made for your own and they for theirs.
We celebrate each of you THROUGH your valleys and victories.
Peace, love and light

Just Breathe


Life can come at us fast and full of surprises. These experiences can feel like we’ve had the air knocked out of us. But there is a miracle that lies within you – the power of breathing. Yes, breath is life – literally!

Tidbits: Some of the benefits of focused breathing

Decreases stress and increases calm
Relieves pain
Stimulates the lymphatic system (Detoxifies the body).
Improves immunity
Increases energy
Lowers blood pressure
Improves digestion
Helps support correct posture
(Urbanbalance.com -benefits of deep breathing)

Practice and be well!

Good, Bad, Who Can Say

The power of the mind and the beauty of perspective is a gift. Use them wisely to move through life. What you think is bad may be a blessing and what you think is good may not be. The challenge is that many times we try to cram our life experiences into two categories – good or bad. What we inadvertently do is rob ourselves of experiencing and appreciating the fullness of life. A great example is the parable of the Chinese Farmer: Good News, Bad News, Who Can Say.

Peace & Blessings


Master Your Mind and Flow

The mind is powerful and despite what the external factors TRY to dictate, you are in control of your thoughts and actions. Practice exercising it through meditation. Refuel it with proper rest and nutrition that supports maximum function.
Tidbit – Neuroscientists have discovered that repetitive thoughts form neural pathways as neurons that fire together get wired together. The more a particular thought or belief is activated and reinforced, the stronger these neural pathways become and the more automatically they become our “go to” pattern of perceiving. (Huffington Post-Do You Know How Powerful Your Thoughts Are?)
Peace, love, & light.