Healing is a Deep Dive


There’s no magical formula to emotional healing and it does not present itself in a pretty gift wrapped box. Its hard work that takes you deep into the fragmented pieces of your being with an intentional purpose of understanding, forgiveness and release.
Be kind and patient with yourself on this journey to freedom. You got this!
Peace & blessings

What does Self-care Look Like to You?


There have been discussions about the importance of taking care of ourselves and one of the reoccurring things we heard from our participants was that they felt a sense of guilt.  Some thought it was selfish to put themselves first in this regard.  You may wonder why – the simplest answer is we are nurturers by nature.  We pour and pour into our loved ones without realizing how much energy it takes.  When we are on fumes we push forward while burning out in silence and are disappointed if others don’t replenish what we have freely offered.  Self care is not selfish.  Repeat this mantra until it takes root and then pour into yourself because your wellbeing literally depends on it.

Peace, Love and Light

Wellness Can’t Wait!

We’ve had or lives flipped upside down because of a global pandemic and it’s critical that we take care of ourselves.
How do we do that? By shifting our focus and actions to align with what we need to nurture our wellbeing.
The Global Wellness Institute says wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.
What are the components of Wellness?
• Physical
• Mental
• Emotional
• Spiritual
• Social
• Environmental
We’re going to tap the mental first, so take this journey with us this month and elevate your wellbeing.
Peace & blessings


Dream Believe Do Repeat (2)

Be Hope for Humanity

The numerous murders of our Black brothers and sisters have ignited global outrage against an oppressive system that has boldly run rampant for far too long. The atrocities of murder, financial chokeholds, housing, health and education disparities to daily microaggressions all in the name of diminishing Black lives is egregious and unacceptable. The pain of this reality digs deep reverberating our connection to the ancestors and the generations yet to come.

We stand firm in this space and commit to being agents of positive change with the Black Lives Matter movement. We cannot be silent because death has stolen the voices of many. We will not waiver because the time for change is now.

Peace, love and light

Illuminate & Celebrate

Women’s Herstory Month

As you journey through life there will be experiences that will test your strength and challenge the essence of who you are. No one gets a pass from the trials and tribulations. The enlightening part of this journey will be the unsung sheroes along the path that pour into you whether its a small act of kindness or full scale production. Honor them and pay it forward so that your light gives life too. . .

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We Celebrate You

A Queen with the strength of a warrior exists in every woman. Once she is awakened, she is POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.

Peace, love and light to you all!

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Happy New Decade!!

HAPPY NEW DECADE to all of the beautiful women of Sisters Speaking Serenity! We would like to thank each of you for sharing, caring, encouraging, siting in your truths, shining and just simply being YOU in our presence. 2019 has shown us that healing, transformation, empowerment, elevation, and resilience were well worth the choices we had to make to obtain them. This year, may the months ahead be a

Jubilant January

Fruitful February

Magnificent March

Adventurous April

Motivational May

Joyful June

Jazzy July

Abundant August

Serene September

Opportune October

Nourishing November

Divine December

AND THEN SOME! Peace Love and Blessings to you all.

Thankfulness -the Life Changer…

Thankfulness will change your life! Today our top picks are:

1. We’re thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality.

2. Unconditional love

3. The leftovers in the refrigerator!

Peace love and light to you all


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Thankful for Goodbyes

We’re thankful for goodbyes!

In the words of Paulo Coehlo, “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”


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Grateful Grateful Grateful. . .

SSS Gratitude 3

We’re feeling this song of the legendary Dr. Nina Simone and thankful for this new day to reign our queendoms the way we choose to and be unapologetically ourselves.

Tell us what are you’re grateful for today.


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