Freedom for Our Sisters

We stand in solidarity with of all of our sisters worldwide who are fighting for their freedom because they are slaves of domestic violence. They deserve protection. They deserve peace. They deserve the freedom to simply be respected as a human being and loved unconditionally.
Let us shout for the voiceless until freedom comes. The time is now.

Peace and blessings.

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Stop Blaming the Victim

One of the first questions people typically ask about victims of domestic violence is “why don’t they just leave? Well, we ask “why does the other person think violence and abuse is acceptable?” We must be courageous enough to change those dynamics.

You have the power make a difference. We wont prescribe what your something is because your strengths are unique. We simply ask that you say something or do something because silence is not the answer.
Peace and blessings.

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Domestic Violence Awareness

One in four women are victims of domestic violence in the U.S. and it can affect anyone regardless of their education, socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity etc. The brutal reality is that there is probably someone close to you who feels too ashamed or afraid to ask for help and they are suffering in silence.
Domestic Violence Awareness Month has begun and
we want you to help end this epidemic. How do you do that? One way is learning to recognize the warning signs of abusive behavior:
1. Victims may have to checkin with their abuser and report on what they are doing.
2. Have limited visits/communication with loved ones and friends
3. Lack of privacy Bombarded with phone calls from the abuser
4. Change their style of dress to appease the abuser
5. Discuss abuser’s temper, possessiveness, jealousy
6. Is fearful, nervous, timid or exhibits personality changes
7. Tries to cover injuries with makeup, accessories or clothing
8. Limited access to financial resources/funds and spending is monitored by abuser
9. Provides excuses for the abusers behavior that appears unwarranted
10. Gaslighting or victim’s reality is distorted to create doubtDVAM2018

Domestic Violence Awareness through the Arts & Dialogue


Join us for a day of healing and empowerment. Participants will have the opportunity to speak their peace through art and connect with other amazing women as they navigate the journey to wellness.

• Sister Circle Release the shame/pain of domestic violence, rediscover your voice and celebrate your authentic self in this healing space.

• Paint Session Be guided through the creation of an original masterpiece by the incomparable Jay Coleman / Per-a JAHLION KMT. Mr. Coleman is an artist and educator from Washington DC well known for his portraits and murals. Express yourself, let the creative energy flow and be empowered in the process!

*Lunch & supplies included

Time is a gift and it waits for no one. Keep pouring positive into yourself and it will eventually fill you to the point where not only you will be blessed but others will too. #peacelovehappiness #timeforchange #sisterhood #live #lifestyle

Lies, Wounds and What’s Next…

Take a day to begin your healing process from the word wounds that others have inflicted and the ones that you’ve given yourself. Its a process. Be honest and patient with yourself. Make room for the beautiful truths. #peacemakers #woundsheal #blessedday #wellnesswednesday #sunrise #loveandlight #be #riseandthrive #womenempowerment #domesticviolence #arts #nassaubahamas #mayaangelouquotes #sistersrock #speakmypeace


I was born with PURPOSE.

I was born with DESTINY.

I was born to live a life of JOY.

I was born to live a life of PEACE.

And I was created, to bring glory to God’s name.

Thank you so much @firstladymc for sharing such a powerful message with Sisters Speaking Serenity. Your message continues to resonate and we have to share it. #sisterhood #artheals #whoiam #nationscapital #domesticviolencesurvivor #peaceandblessings #light #worth #selflove #irise #wellness (Image: Pixabay Efes)

Life’s 3 C’s..,

You alone have the power to evolve your thoughts, words and deeds. These things are all connected yet divided by time. Take the time to breath with each and make the choices, take chances, and embrace changes accordingly.

Peace and blessings,


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Time and Words

Greetings to all of our beautiful sisters around the world. There are two things that can never be taken back – time and words. Use wisdom when handling them. Words have weight and leave a lasting impression. Time is precious and tomorrow nor the next minute is promised. Live, love and be beautifully you. #peaceofmind #wordsmatter #sistersquad #artheals #speakmypeace #red

Words: Speak Your Peace

Greetings to each of our phenomenal sisters around the world! Self respect is not a practice that functions alone – it also touches on self-esteem. As Awo Osun Kunle said “You may not know how to raise your self-esteem, but you definitely know how to stop lowering it.”

On that note, today we challenge you to STOP speaking negative to yourselves! Respect and honor yourself in that regard by sifting through the noise that weakens your wellness. If you practice this, you will naturally begin to block negative energies that others may try to dump on you. Stay strong and vigilant because you are worth it.

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