What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an occurrence or pattern of behavior which involves the abuse by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, cohabitation, dating or within the family.  Domestic violence is inflicted in various forms including but not limited to physical assault/aggression and psychological abuse.  Although the laws vary, it is considered a crime in all states.

An abusive relationship can begin in a very subtle manner and escalate into something extremely complex.  Many of our sisters don’t believe they have been abused because physical harm has not been inflicted, but that is one of the greatest misconceptions.  What is often overlooked or diminished through rationalization are forms of psychological abuse.  This form of abuse may be harder to identify but it is equally dangerous.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of race, nationality, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender or socioeconomic class.  Unfortunately, some of our sisters have been convinced by their aggressor that they deserve this abuse.  Please understand, there will never be a justification for such an inhumane act – it is unacceptable!


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